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Junior Hairstylist


Graphic designer


2017 - 2018

Internship Sneldesign

In September 2017 I started working as a trainee at my first graphic design internship at Sneldesign (Utrecht). This company is created and owned by Joost Snel. Besides designer, he’s an excellent photographer too. Because it is a sole proprietorship, there was plenty of work for me to experience in all different kind of projects. 

When I first started to work for his company, I learned the basics of photography, framing and photo editing (in Lightroom). I put those skills to good use after my traineeship ended in February 2018, so please check out my portfolio page if you’re interested!

2018 - 2019

Graduation Internship Roxelane

I worked as a trainee at Roxelane in Utrecht. This company makes digital products like apps and websites. I learned a lot here about UX / UI design. My Photoshop- Illustrator and Experience Design skills have improved here. That knowledge is in line with the skills I already have with regard to making print related products.

2019 - 2020

Customer-service employee at NS

I have worked here as a customer-service employee at NS Service+. I had to make calls about NS International and NS Spoordeelwinkel. I worked here for almost 6 months. 

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